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InterVol was set up as a student society in 2003 by a group of students at the University of Birmingham. The society was formed by students who, after hearing about the international volunteering experiences of young volunteers in Cambodia and Uganda, decided that there was an excellent opportunity to organise international projects on a larger and more sustainable scale within the University.

InterVol's volunteers began a system of student-led development projects, aiming to make a long term difference to communities in developing countries whilst working in close partnership with local NGOs in each country. Initially supporting three small projects in Bulgaria, Cambodia and Uganda, InterVol expanded quickly due to a massive interest from students.

Following 7 years of success and over four hundred international volunteers, InterVol registered as a charity in 2010 and has grown to build a network of student-led international volunteering groups throughout the UK. Today, InterVol supports seven organisations in developing countries and has groups at the University of Nottingham, Imperial College London, and Lancaster University in addition to the founding group at the University of Birmingham.

InterVol is a founding member of the Student Volunteering Overseas Partnership (SVOP) which brings together student-led international volunteering organisations in the UK through annual conferences to share best practices in the field.

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