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Student Volunteering Overseas Partnership (SVOP)

Around the time that InterVol was established in 2003 a new partnership of student-led international volunteering organisations from around the UK came together to share their knowledge and experiences.

InterVol was one of the founding partners of the Student Volunteering Overseas Partnership (SVOP) which has now been bringing together student-led international volunteering organisations in the UK for over a decade. SVOP uses annual conferences and online resources to share best practices in the field of international volunteering and the charities also group together for liability insurance.

The core members of SVOP are InterVol, Oxford Development Abroad (Oxford University), Bristol Volunteers for Development Abroad (Bristol University), Student Volunteers Abroad (Glasgow University), Strathclyde International Development (Strathclyde University), Edinburgh Global Projects (Edinburgh University) and DARE (Dundee University). Recently, Student Hubs have been working with SVOP as part of its 'Impact International' initiative, assisting in the preparation for our annual SVOP conference and hosting online resources for the SVOP committees.

The 2013 SVOP Conference was hosted by Strathclyde International Development (SID) in November 2013. Please see the SVOP Facebook page for more information.

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SVOP Birmingham 2011

SVOP Birmingham 2012